Living Our Dreams

Making Sh*t Happen is a community of women that mean business. Our vision is to provide a culture that equips and empowers women to economically thrive and live the life of their dreams. We provide the tools, resources and support to help women business owners take their ideas and businesses to the next level. We give practical proven advice, translate business and financial jargon and share honest, personal stories. Our goal is to bring together the best of networking, social media, personal coaching and passionate earning to empower today’s savvy women to keep creating and building the ultimate business and the ultimate life.

Making Shit Happen social mentoring is networking how and when suits your lifestyle, schedule and stage of business. Just because as entrepreneurs you might be in business alone, it’s important to know you are not alone. Social mentoring allows you to tap into resources how and when you need them, and also lets you share your experiences with others. We believe true success comes from always being both student and teacher.

Our Reason for Being…

Our purpose is to live our dreams by ‘unleashing our amazing’ through building a viable and profitable business and inspiring and empowering other women to do the same.

Meet the Team

We are all Chiefs in many ways, and we all do it in our own special way on any given day. We don’t believe in one size fits all, in fact we find it unflattering! One thing holds true, no matter what hat we strut, we are all Masters of Making Sh*t Happen. This month we’ve nominated the following titles for our contributions to building Making Sh*t Happen.

Sheena Repath – Chief Inspirer

Audrey Davidson – Chief Innovator

Candice Kaye – Chief Creator